Is it Friday yet?

Ugh. I wish. I am ready for the weekend to get here. Like seriously. Now. Oh… It’s only Tuesday? Okay, well I will check back later incase that should change.

Life has been like the roller coaster ride I thought would never end over the past two years but now that things seem to be settling back in to what I would call my normal life I am ready to take life by the balls! As my 27th birthday approaches (2 weeks away people and I love anything that sparkles.. Hint hint!)
I have this excitement inside myself that goes deep down to my toes because I have made the decision that my 27th year on this planet will be dedicated to the most important person in my life… ME! Personally, I think this may just be the best birthday gift I ever get! (Shh! Don’t tell Scott I said that!)

First off.. This new mission needs a name. I’m wracking my brain to come up with something that I can call this new mission or adventure or… Ahhhhh see what I mean?! This is where you all come in.. I need some suggestions so start sending them!

What exactly is this new life adventure going to mean? I’m going to become a giant selfish bitch! Juuust kidding! But I am going to make myself a priority and really take the time to take care of me. Why? Because I am fabulous and absolutely deserve it! It’s my mission to wake up every day feeling beautiful, confident, and accomplished (minus the days that I wake up with a hangover because no one feels beautiful while they are puking their fucking guts out) In addition to all of the renovations we are currently doing to our condo (stay tuned for pics!) I am making it my mission to finish school, get healthy, and experience this life for what it’s worth (which if you aren’t aware, is a lot).. I’m going to try anything and everything that I can from all types of classes to recipes and meal planning to DIY projects and beauty tips. The list is really endless! It will be a total revamp to my lifestyle (and my schedule!)

So get ready because the count down is on!

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