It. Has. Arrived! Yup! We are talking about my birthday week people! First off, lets just start off with how crazy it is that is already October.. and not only that, but that we have already reached the last week of my life before I go into my 27th year on this planet!

Just a quick recap for the newbies to my blog.. My birthday is coming up on Friday (reminder that I love anything that sparkles!) and I will be turning 27 …which I must say seems to really be a key year for a lot of women that I know in my life! Saying that, I have decided that my gift to myself this year will be…. *drum-roll please*…. Myself! Now I know what you are saying.. Yourself?!! Really??.. My answer to you is.. YES! And I will standby my comment that I am pretty certain that this will be the best gift I could ever receive thus far in life.

First on the list for project “new life” (yes, that’s what I refer to it as..check out previous post to find out more about it) are of course the little things that everyone should be doing but really only like half of people do them, and they seem easy, but really are sometimes a struggle.. you know the usual go to bed early.. drink lots of water.. get my ass to the gym..blah blah.. I feel like easing into this new lifestyle is the only way that I am not going to get overwhelmed and bail. I also feel like some chocolate fudge cake and a tall glass of wine.. but for now this cup of tea will have to do. I am using this week as my prep week to get my body and mind ready to embrace this new way of living. It sounds like lots of work (and it is), but its worth it because I deserve it! Every one deserves it.

Oh ya, and I am heading back to the gym this week and have scheduled some classes (that makes me kinda wanna shit my pants) to try out, or get back into.. so stay tuned and I will let you know how they went.. if I make it out alive..ANNNNNNNDDD.. I will also be refinishing our dining room table so that we have a place to eat again that is not in front of the TV! (You have NO idea how happy I will be to have a place to sit down that is not on a couch!) I will keep you posted with pictures and details on how to redo your own furniture in order to give a space a fresh feel without having to dig deep into your wallet…

Send keep on sending me your tips, suggestions, and comments all I will put them all to good use over the next few months as I reshape and refurbish this little life of mine..


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