Stay tuned!…

Hi people! Ok.. first off I guess I should start with an apology that I got all amped up the week leading up to my birthday, or as the people who have been around here know it as “Project New Life!” and then I fell off the face of the Earth!

These pictures are my first Throwback Thursday pictures I have ever posted!.. I am not normally a TBT participant..but hey.. first time for everything! These photos go back a few years.. doing a little beach shoot with the beautiful and talented Chantale Enns Photography. Let me fill you in on this shoot.. It was mid October (if you know anything about where I am will think I am crazy!).. There were small patches of snow on the ground in patches around me.. and the wind was blowing so hard the tears were just streaming down my face.. Nonetheless.. we got it done! You can literally see every chill bump on me in the raw, unedited photos. The shower that I took at the end of that day was the longest, hottest shower of my life!!

I have so much to fill you in on, but its just not quite ready yet! Im currently under construction so go and make yourself a snack.. fill up your glass of wine.. and be patient.. I will be back before you know it!





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