Okay ladies, brace yourselves… it’s THAT time of the year again… it is MOVEMBER EVE!.. So enjoy those smooth faces while you still can because in less that 24 hours men everywhere will be putting down the razor in support of men’s health. And while women may know this month a little better as the month of the face rash.. it is for a good cause.. so buck up and support the stache! (I will post some facial masks later on to help you guys get through this month!)

Check out http://ca.movember.com to sign up, get more info, and to support the cause!

Xo. b

2 responses to “Movember Eve!!”

  1. Andrew Thain – Teignmouth, England. A teacher, dad, husband, homebrew enthusiast and rugby fanatic. I have two blogs, one about being a dad. The other about being a teacher believing in something more than front of class, didactic content delivery.

    I’m currently rocking the mo. The wife is, so far, supportive. I think that may change by next week.

    1. missbhay

      That is awesome! I support changing it up! I figure if a guy is going to grow it out anyway, you may as well have some fun with it!! Cheers!

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