It’s that time of year again! As the seasons are changing is the perfect time to do a great teatox (also known as a tea detox). A teatox provides many benefits and leaves you with an increased metabolism, reduced bloating, an increase in energy and hydration. I love doing a teatox with each season change. I find it helps with my allergies, and also just leaves your body feeling so great and refreshed. I enjoy a good 4 week detox, but there are many options out there. Many include one tea to drink each morning, and another tea to drink each night (some are every other night depending on which one you decide to do!)

For this teatox that I am about to begin on, I have chosen a new type of tea that I have not tried before, but have heard many good things about. I have been wanting to try it out since I heard about it, but was waiting for my next detox time period in order to do so! Well.. the time is finally here and so the tea I will be using for this detox will be…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!………Flat Tummy Tea, you can check it out on their website here:

I am doing the 4 Week Fab program (my favorite kind!). I ordered mine online and was so excited when it came in the mail in a very short time, considering it was shipped from all the way across the pond! I will be drinking the “Everyday Flat Tummy Tea” each morning to start to my day off. This will help to wake up my system, break the over night fast, and get my metabolism going! For the first week, my night time tea will be drank every other night, after that it’ll be every third night.

As with any teatox, it is a good idea to incorporate some exercise. If you are already on a regular exercise program (or you at least hit the gym a couple times a week), then that’s great! But, if you are not, then this is the best time to start! Adding movement to your life can make such a difference in how you feel on not only the outside, but also on the inside. Happy insides, happy mind, happy life 🙂 Really though.. the addition of movement to your life will help you to stay healthy and also gets those toxins moving so they can be flushed out! I say “adding movement” because you dont need to have a crazy workout schedule or be a bodybuilder, or a professional athelete to be active. You just have to MOVE your body. You can hit the gym if you prefer, but you can also walk around the block (or better yet, jog!), find a dance or fitness class that you totally love, or even just blast some music and dance around your house like a lunatic! Personally, I like to hit the gym, but on the days that I can not make it (because some times life just gets in the way) I try to use my daily housework to get my blood pumping. Scott will sometimes give me strange looks as I carry the laundry basket up and down the stairs with a set of squats at the top and bottom.. or lunges and calf raises while I cook us dinner, but hey! a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! And I think, why not!? The house is cleaned, dinner is cooked, and although I did not get to the gym, at least I moved my body today.

This teatox starts today, so I will keep you all posted on how it is going, and when it’s all done I will be certain to share with you some before and after photos! Fingers crossed that it tastes good and works well!!

Happy Teatoxing people! Cheers!

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