Hello all you lovely people! Is anyone else as happy as I am that Friday is finally here?! What does everyone have planned for the weekend? We will be staying in town for a few things that we have going on which is weird for me a little bit, because normally when the weekend hits we pack up and head to the lake! But the plans that we have will be so much fun that I am excited for this weekend to get started!

Just as I promised, I have to update you all on my Teatox! I have been drinking my Flat Tummy Tea everyday and every other (or third) night…let me tell you one thing… THIS STUFF WORKS!! I am not done my 4 weeks yet so I will have a full review once I am complete but for now all I can say is, place your orders people!
Please head over to their website to check it out! And no.. I am not getting paid to say nice things, I just truly love this stuff.. You can find them here!

There is one other thing that I MUST tell you guys about today as I am in such a good mood. It’s this candle that I ordered online, and am also totally in love with. Which candle could possibly put you in such a good mood you might ask?.. Well Roxy Sowlaty’s “Princess” candle will do just that. I ordered mine a few weeks ago and have been obsessed with it since I opened it up! First off, I can not get over how cute the candle is to.. The combination of the white candle, with the glass, and the gold “R” printed on the front is just so classy. We have a white/gray/gold theme going on around our home so this fits in nicely. The fragrance of this candle is what really gets me. I love how it fills that whole level of our house. It smells SO good.. like for real. Head over to Roxy’s website to pick up your own candle and your house can smell as good as mine does!


Well that is all I have for you now! I hope everyone has a sparkley weekend!

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