Say Cheeeeese!

I am beyond excited for tonight! My lovely friend, Gina, has a new camera and she has chosen to break it by taking some photos of me and my cute little monkeys! (Okay, you know they are not REAL monkeys.. but just fluffy little fluff ball kitties!)

First off, I can not say enough good things about my pal, Gina. She is my little sloth-buddy (we share a love of sloths).. and she is over the moon talented. Aside from her full time job, her resume also includes being a rockstar, a total bombshell, and hands down THE BEST sidekick on a girl’s night out.. even though we can only handle a true girl’s night about once a year because it takes us a week to recover! I am so blessed to have her in my life as my friend.

Now, when it comes to the shoot… Normally, I do not mind having my picture taken..but this is a little different! I have done stuff like this before so why am I suddenly having a total freakout over all of this?? It’s me, one of my best friends, and my cats… lol that is probably the least scariest scenario I can think of..yet for some weird reason, it makes me need a paper bag just to be able to breathe again! As soon as we came up with the idea I went into a tiny panic mode (I have NOT been to the gym enough for this!).. and then into prep mode (AHHH!! I have to rid myself of this horrendous eyebrows!!.. Fix my nails.. Get my hair done.. and drink extra Flat Tummy Tea)… and now I am in the totally shitting my pants mode (OMG today is the day and I am SOOOO NOT READY!)… If anyone knows how to exit this mode that would be great..

I just hope the little fluff-balls cooperate and that they are on their best behavior! Spike and Rambo have been getting extra rest (haha as if they need any more than they already get!) that they can be extra fluffy and extra handsome!

Well in only a couple of short hours I will be caking on the makeup..working magic with my hair.. and downing a glass of wine! I can not wait to share the photos with you because I know that they are going to be great! How could they not be.. my kitties are the cutest and Gina is a genious.

You can just see the excitement pouring out of them!!


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