The kitty photos are in!

How will I ever explain how much fun we had doing this little photo shoot? Well, the truth is that I can’t.. but I will tell you that we had an absolute blast! One of my best friends, Gina, is a VERY talented little gem! And I think these pictures might be some of my most favorite!

Rambo was more than happy to participate. He loved all the attention and action.. he truly was in his little kitty glory!

Spike, on the other hand… who is normally is a bit ..wait..HUGE attention whore.. ran away from the camera, a little unsure of all the clicking and fuss…until he saw how much attention Rambo was getting (and that maybe the camera was not there to eat him!) He realized that he was missing out.. and then he just jumped right in there!

Gina could not have been more patient or understanding during all of the chaos. She came over to our home with her camera in hand (Wine in MY hand!).. and made us all feel as comfortable as possible as we were “unwinding from our day”.. Between the cats running the shoot and my VERY questionable “modelling” skills, she managed to work her magic and make it look like I almost knew what I was doing!

Take a gander through them if you please, but keep in mind.. I am FAR from a professional model! 😉


Xo. b


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