Coocoo for Coconut Oil!

Okay, now this is something we seriously need to chat about… Like seriously. Coconut oil is probably my most favorite find of all time. I could go on and on for hours about it. I use it for everything. Literally. I eat it, to benefit my insides (more on this later) and I obsessively use it as moisturizer, hair conditioner, and as an ingredient in my home made bath and body products to benefit my outsides 😉 (my eczema thanks me for this on a regular basis) I use a Organic VIRGIN coconut oil. There are so many different types of coconut oil on the market now that it is becoming a more popular item but please try to stick to VIRGIN coconut oil (and if it is organic, then consider it a bonus!).. Virgin coconut oil tested higher in antioxidants then refined coconut oil.

First off, let’s just make it clear that I am not a doctor. I am sharing with you about my personal experiences with these products and the results that I have seen personally. These are different ways that these products can be used but reminder that they may not be right for everyone. Please read and follow all labels on anything you may try at home. If you have any irritation, or reaction discontinue use.

I use coconut oil in my bathroom on a daily basis.. and to be really honest it is normally multiple times per day! Once my morning shower is complete I grab my tub of coconut oil (I do not store it in my bathroom because coconut oil does not do well in storage areas where the temperature changes frequently as this can cause it to grow mold quickly and once that happens the whole tub needs to hit the garbage can.. mold is a no-go, no matter what!).. I slather the coconut oil from head to toe.. and let it take a few minutes to absorb into my skin. Once my hair is all combed out, I like to run a tiny bit of coconut oil through the ends.. We live in a deep freeze for half the year so naturally your hair and skin tend to get dried out (oh the joy!)..the coconut oil when applied right after the shower really helps my skin and hair to hold moisture. On top of a moisturizer I also have been known on many occasions to drop a scoop of coconut oil into my bath at nights! I love the feeling of literally soaking in it..and your skin will thank you over and over…just remember to give your tub a quick rinse and wipe out after you are done because it can make the tub a bit slippy and you don’t want whoever else you share your shower/tub with to fall and break their neck! I have forgotten a time or two when I lived by myself and I can thank goodness that there was a shower curtain hanging that I was able to grasp onto for dear life!

I don’t only soak in this stuff.. I eat it too! There are SO many benefits to including organic virgin coconut oil in your day to day meal planning; weight loss.. better brain function.. energy boosts..this list could go on and on…It really is easy to switch it up and incorporate it in your every day meals. Generally when my friends or family ask me about how to use it in the kitchen.. I tell them a good way to start is to switch your margarine or cooking oil for coconut oil. I have been known for eating it on everything from toast, to smashed potatoes and cauliflower.. to stirfrys.. anytime I would have used margarine, or cooking oil.. and before I knew it I was not even buying the other options. Trust me, if I can get Scott hooked on this stuff, you can do it too!

I do have some good recipes for both the kitchen and the bathroom that incorporate organic virgin coconut oil so come back for another chat and I would love to share them with you! Also, feel free to send your requests for recipes or ideas!!

Now I am wondering how do you guys like to use your coconut oil?!

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  1. Meaghan

    Have you used it on your teeth? I’ve heard it’s awesome to swish it around for 20mins (the solid stuff is better). Just curious if you’ve tried it yet.

    1. missbhay

      Yes! As a matter of fact, oil pulling is something that my mom does on a regular basis! I have tried it a few times and find it does work awesome (does help with teeth whitening too!) but for me it was more a texture thing that I don’t like.. I basically gag my way through the 20 minutes! But! I still would recommend for anyone to try it!

  2. Radha's Thoughts
    Radha’s Thoughts

    Vow you have expressed the many benefits of coconut oil so explicitly. I merely used it as hair oil. Thanks for sharing it’s manifold use.

    1. missbhay

      I’m so happy to share my ideas with you! I hope you enjoy cooking with it as much as I do!

    2. missbhay

      I should have added that because coconut oil is solid up to room temp when using for cooking or oil pulling make sure to dump oil in the trash can and not down the drain as this may cause clogs!

      1. Radha's Thoughts
        Radha’s Thoughts

        Thanks for all the instructions. I will pay heed.

  3. missbhay

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