Coocoo for Coconut Oil!


Okay, now this is something we seriously need to chat about… Like seriously. Coconut oil is probably my most favorite find of all time. I could go on and on for hours about it. I use it for everything. Literally. I eat it, to benefit my insides (more on this later) and I obsessively use it as moisturizer, hair conditioner, and as an ingredient in my home made bath and body products to benefit my outsides 😉 (my eczema thanks me for this on a regular basis) I use a Organic VIRGIN coconut oil. There are so many different types of coconut oil on the market now that it is becoming a more popular item but please try to stick to VIRGIN coconut oil (and if it is organic, then consider it a bonus!).. Virgin coconut oil tested higher in antioxidants then refined coconut oil.


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