Adventure Challenge Kickoff! | Wall Climbing

Have you ever been rock climbing, or to one of those places where you can go wall climbing?.. No?.. Well me either. Until I had. Last week. Let me explain…

Probably like two years ago, my lovely friend Gina, (you met her in an earlier post, when she took THESE lovely shots of my kitties and I) asked me if I had ever been wall climbing. When I said to her that I had not been, that was it. She was taking me. We were going. I was totally into the idea. I mean you see people doing it all the time on Tv, and they make it look SO easy!.. Well that was two years ago now. We always hang out and say “What should we do??”.. and then end up going for lunch, or catching up over a glass of wine. Well not anymore!!

Last week we made the plans to go.. and get this! WE ACTUALLY WENT!.. You may wonder why I am only telling you about this now, but the truth is, it has taken me this long to be able to move my fingers and arms again!.. Juuuuust kidding! Normally what starts with good intentions ends up being a bottle of wine and two glasses, so the fact that we had made the plans, were actually in the car wearing clothes that we could actually wall climb in, and driving in the direction of the place was basically already a win for us. Gina picked me up and we were on our way.. to literally God knows where.. We drove to the area and then proceeded to get lost.. or so we thought.. until nope! We aren’t lost, this place is just located in some dark warehousey type area in the middle of no where..with weird lanes that are maaaybe supposed to be roads?.. awesome. At this point we contemplated turning around to save our lives and going for a glass of wine.. but instead we put on our big girl pants and headed in. We were greeted by a lovely gal at the front desk and we warned her right away that we had no idea what we were doing in the slightest and we would need LOTS of help! We got all changed and headed over to the wall with the girl, where she gave us about a one minute explanation of what to do, what not to do, and the things that she would really hate us if we did because she does not like climbing on ladders…or something. I am still not sure what she was talking about. And with that she left us there.. standing.. staring at this wall. Gina convinced me to go first. Well, I got about half way up the wall.. looked down and had a bit of a panic attack.. then I continued on.. I got almost to the top and got stuck. I couldn’t go any further, and now came the fun part of getting down!! Picture me glued to the wall at this point, whimpering for dear life. Thankfully, I had a crowd gathered around a this point, snickering secretly at the girl who was afraid to let go of the wall.. but I did and was so happy when my feet touched the groud. We went up and down those walls for the next hour until we literally could not even hold our arms up anymore. We made it to the top (more than once, may I add!) .. and Gina is without a doubt, a MUCH better climber than I am..but hey! It’s the effort that counts right?!

We had a blast, laughed our butts off, and got in a REALLY good workout! I give anyone who does rock climbing MAJOR credit because I can tell you first hand that it is WAY harder than it looks! I am loving this new goal that I have given myself of taking on new adventures and trying at least one new activity a month! I have never been so excited to see what type of activity I can find next! I need your help!!

I would love to hear about your favorite activities that you do!! Send me your suggestions!!

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  1. missbhay

    I got this message from Gina and had to share it with you all!

    Haha this was so fun, we wanted to keep going but our arms didn’t let us.. Well, they know best! I feel like our adventures always end in pain haha wether it’s, *ahem* dehydration, or loosey-goosey arms and legs… But at any rate, ALWAYS a memory that puts a smile on my face 😀 Sloth hug to my pal!

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