Weekend Chat!

Oh my good gravy! I am just having the most frustrating day and this is about my fourth time now trying to pop in and say hello to you all.. Finally i am writing this from my phone while we are riding along on our way home from the weekend..WELL! With THAT off my chest…

Hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far and that you all are staying out of trouble! I have so much to fill you in on! Last week was a bitter sweet for myself and so I am looking forward to a new week! I will be sharing my secret recipe to the BEST chewy chocolate chip cookies I know how to make (I don’t share this one with ANYONE, so consider yourselves lucky! 😉 ), plus I will let you in on two of my favorite homemade bath and body products that will help save your skin through the rest of winter.

Oh! And I also have to tell you all about this awesome company I found that I picked up one of Scott’s birthday gifts through.. he loved it! I have some photos to get on here and then I’ll tell you all about it!

I forget the rest of the list right now!… Can you blame me?? But once I am home and unpacked and ready for the week I will be back at it!

Happy Sunday!
Xo. b

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