Eating Area Reveal!

I am beyond thrilled that we FINALLY have a dining table again! It has been ages that we had been without an eating area and let me tell you, eating at the coffee table.. it gets old.. fast. We had gotten rid of our old dining table because we could not stand it another second, with the intentions of getting a new one right away and you know how that goes! It’s a year later and we still had no table. Well, we decided that instead of buying something new (after many unsuccessful shopping trips), we would dig out my in-laws old dining room table, dust that baby off, sand it down, give it a white wash, and voila! We had a table.

Once we had our table all done, we went out and about to find ourselves some chairs so we could actually sit at it! We really lucked out and found some chairs at the first store that we went to. We went to Home Outfitters first because we had to go to Toys R’ Us and they happen to be in the same parking lot, so we thought hey! why not just check out what they have… and low and behold it turns out that they were having a BOGO deal on chairs, for buy one get one 50% off. We snagged the last 4 that they had in the style and color that we wanted and we were on our way back home. The heavens were on our side that day because if anyone has ever tried to furniture shop with a man, well.. let’s just leave it at.. He was very thankful we only had to go to one store.

I love the way this area has really come together! We finished off the area with a wall mirror, and some candles on the table. There are still little finicky things to finish off, and of course always room for more decor, but for now we are just so happy it is done and we can use it.

I was so excited when it was all done I gave that table a hug! We had my parents over for brunch the next morning and they absolutely adored it.. almost as much as I do! Let me know what you think!

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  1. qma2000 – I am always being enthusiastic in home decoration and design. I can't help myself getting excited when I see those great pieces of works. My baby daughter is the one I shared those beautiful things with and she liked them a lot. Now I have this website and I would like to share all the great pieces I found with your guys. Hope you enjoy!

    Well done!

    1. missbhay

      Thank you so much!!

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