My study buddy and I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Xo. b

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  1. atkokosplace – I am the unplanned child to a woman so strong. A sister to brothers. A dreamer. A writer. Ninja in the dark. Star shaped in a very square world. Teacher to eager ears. My learning desire is quenchless. On the outside looking in. Not interested in the fake. Wizard when I can find my wand. Fascinated by fireflies. Fighter of underdogs. Small, but mighty. Believer in superheros. Ecstatic to be different. Provider of nourishing meals, sassy when needed, quirky at best. Epic concoction maker. Boredom doesn't exist.

    Wishing you an amazing weekend! Hope there’s sunshine! ✿

  2. MJ

    Awe…Rambo you’re so handsome! Have fun at the lake little buddy

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