Try a DIY project off Pinterest, they said. It will be fun, they said. Well.. they were right. This time! While not all of the projects I attempt turn out how they should, or even close to how they should, this one did! It is almost disgusting how accomplished I feel when I take on a project and it turns out exactly how it should! I can’t help it. It’s just who I am.

I wanted to create something for our rooftop patio. I decided on a light ball because our lighting up there sucks a big one and so I figured that if I was going to add anything more, that it should be something that could help with that.They look really good when you hang them in a group from trees also! Well, I gathered all my materials, printed out the instructions, and dove in! The whole project didn’t take me very long at all to complete.. and to be honest, I did most of it while I was watching my shows on TV.

*Try to gather your materials in the same color if possible. I used different colors for the purpose of the photos (and also used lots of zip-ties!), so its easier to see each step.*

The materials you will need include:
2 hanging wire baskets
1 string of small lights
zipties and/or twist ties and/or any thing that will hold the two baskets together.

All you do is take out the liner of the baskets so you are left with just the wire. Place one basket on top of the other so that they form a ball. Use your zip-ties, twist ties, wire, whatever you chose to use, and connect the baskets in 4-5 spots around the baskets so that they hold together in a ball. Then use scissors and snip off the extra ends so they aren’t just flying around crazy everywhere. Choose a starting point – try to start at the bottom so that your plug ends up on the top with the cord to wrap up the chain that it will hang from making it a little less noticeable. Then, you weave the lights around the wires, working your way around and up the baskets until you reach the top. Once you reach the top, weave the cord around the chains, helping to conceal the plug. And you know what.. you’re done! That’s it! Take that puppy outside, plug it in, and enjoy!

If this one is easy enough for me to do (without help might I add!), you can do it too! 😉
If you decide to tackle this for yourself (or a gift for someone else), I would love to hear how you make out!

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