Where have I been? And why are all my posts about tea? I know, right?! I’ve become a very awful friend to you all, but I promise that over the next week we are getting caught up, refreshing the look, and coming back in full swing! A few technical difficulties won’t stop us! Stay tuned for a couple handfuls of posts that you all have been waiting for sooo patiently! Tea masks, adventure challenges, diy projects, flash tattoos, new projects, skin care and a handful of extremely delicious recipes will be coming your way soon! Excuses, excuses.. right?!

So many exciting things are happening this fall, I can’t wait to share them all with you!

But for now,

I CAN tell you that I have been a complete stress-ball. Trying to do school on my own through distance ed has proven to be a whole lot harder than I expected, but if I keep plugging along I know that someday it will all come together and I will make it through! You know those days where you feel like you’re drowning, getting no where, and you wonder what the point of anything in life is. You might spend half the day having a full on panic attack before you actually sit down to get something done, and then you stress because you have done nothing but stressed for half the day, and now you only have half the day to get stuff done. Ya, that has been me on more days than I would really like to even admit lately! Like.. c’mon girl, get your shit together already! There is so much to learn, but I really do love learning about holistic nutrition so every minute of the stress is worth it!

I have also taken on a part time job (hence why I am around less and less!).. It IS only part time, but a few hours a day takes more of your life then you really expect it to! I am working as a part time chiropractors assistant, and there is A LOT to learn! I get to go to a conference in October in Dallas, so I am very much looking forward to that! Any time I can network, connect, and meet new people to learn from I am all in! Why the heck not, right? I go by the mind set of any experience is good experience, especially when you are new and starting out in ANY field! Connecting with others who love natural healthcare, and who genuinely care for others well-being fills my heart up and makes it smile. 🙂

We are heading out of province to Quebec in a couple weeks for a wedding so I am in planning mode for that! What to wear, what to bring, makeup, hair, shoes, you know the drill! I have lists upon lists at this point, but I can’t wait! I have never traveled there, and while our schedule is pretty jammed packed, i am hoping to fit in a couple of personal adventures, however, I am not holding my breath!

These days everything in life is schedule, schedule, schedule! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well… unless it was like because someone gave me like 6 million dollars and then, I would have it another way. Probably. Just sayin’.

Thanks for the much needed vent!

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