Delicious Peppercorn Mayo!

Plain mayo?… Boooooring! Why not jazz it up a bit to add a bit of character to your sandwiches or wraps, or anything else you might be putting mayonnaise on?! Peppercorn mayo is probably my most favorite condiment to have on a sandwich, burger, wrap, or even a savory crepe! It’s just SO. Damn. Good.… I can’t really handle it. I can’t describe how much joy it brings to my life. I know, its sad. Don’t tell anyone.

The key is to use REAL Mayonnaise – not Miracle Whip! – whichever brand or kind (regular, light, olive oil) you like.. just don’t use Miracle Whip because it does NOT taste like regular mayo, and has it’s own distinct flavor – one I am not a fan of! I don’t care what anyone says, Miracle Whip is NOT mayo. Ok, rant over. If you love Miracle Whip and want to use that, go right ahead! (I will still be friends with you 😉 )

I don’t really have a recipe for this one.. it’s so simple you don’t need one – Take your mayo (amount depending on what you’re making and how much you are going to be using), add FRESH GROUND peppercorn (amount depending on how “peppery” you like or can stand – I go heavy on it!).. a quick squeeze of lemon.. and a pinch of SEA SALT – Table salt contains sugar, so try to veer away from it if you can. Literally mix it all together in a bowl or shake it up in a sauce squeeze bottle and voila! Enjoy every. single. bite. I know I do!

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