Hello hello. Long time no chat! I hope all your beautiful faces are enjoying your winter so far! I am so thankful that the sun is shining this week or well… was, until it started raining! Seriously! Rain. In January. In Manitoba., At least it’s no longer -45! Like are you kidding me.. you literally can not even feel your face when you go outside. And no, we don’t get school/work cancelled (well sometimes the school or school buses).. we still go, like little dumbdumbs out into the freezing cold, trying to get your car to start if you forgot to plug it in.. shuffling from your car to the door as fast as humanly possible..not letting one single inch of your skin be exposed because it will be frozen in 5 seconds! Annnd.. I wish I was kidding about that! I see all these cute photos of people who are smart and don’t live in a deep freezer, and they have on the best winter outfits, and fashion and here i am like bundled head to toe.. caking on layer after layer of clothing, wearing like 4 pairs of pants just so i can get to where I need to be.. it takes so long, and so much energy. I am so over it. Jesus take the wheel and get me to a beach.

My relationship with winter is soooo love/hate. I don’t think that will ever change! There are so many good things.. like outdoor activities… fishing..snowshoeing. hockey.. festivals..seeing the sun rise..the amazing sunsets..Christmas and New Years are in the winter…working on my winter bod (I’ve basically perfected that one!) On the flip.. there are endless things I hate about winter. I can’t name them all because it would take a week, but like.. it’s dark when i wake up and go to work.. its dark by the time i leave work..the freezing cold air.. scraping ice off of your car..shoveling the driveway… not having a suntan.. layers and layers of clothing (and not the cute kind).. icy roads.. dry skin.. colds and the flu..your muscles being sore all the time from having them so tense from shivering.. it’s depressing, but it’s our life! And even though we complain non-stop about our sucky winters, we secretly love them. (Otherwise we would have all moved by now!).. or maybe we just love complaining..?

This winter really hasn’t been to bad at all. We went to the Heritage Classic.. we were off to Vernon, BC for Christmas.. had a low-key New Years..boot it out to the lake on the weekends, and hibernate during the week! Work has been crazy busy and over whelming for me lately.. and so my off time is seriously cook, and hit the couch/lake. Winter bod is in full effect. Damage control will start in the next month or so.. and as it warms back up.. I will slowly work my way out of my hibernation!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing my winter adventures, and recipes! I still owe you my Sweet Siracha BBQ Sauce, however I forgot my recipe at the lake, so it will have to wait until I arrive back there (later tonight) and can send it to all of you! I’d love to hear how you guys are making it through the winter!

Stay warm babies! Until next time..



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  1. Lindsayrose – Lancashire – Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

    Those snowy pics are just gorgeous we never get snow like that here or really really cold weather either its a always miserable in England lol x

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