HOLY HUMIDITY!! .. Are you guys feeling it yet?!

It is sooooo humid here this week, but I am NOT complaining! We waited long enough for this hot weather, and we don’t get it for very long, so I will take every drop of it we get! When it’s not so humid that you are sweating through 4 outfits a day, its pouring rain!.. Well, at least the sun is shining.. for now! 

When it gets super hot like this, it sends our bod for a loop! We need to take extra care of ourselves during these months! I once read, you don’t stop eating or sleeping in the summer, so why would we take a break from our skin or nutritional care?.. Makes sense..right!?

  • Make sure you are DRINKING water! Drinking lots of water is always super important, but during these hot, humid, sweaty days, it is even more important as your body is sweating A LOT.. meaning you will desperately need to be replenished! Plain water is awesome, but you can always jazz it up with some added citrus, or fresh fruits! I happen to love mine with fresh mint, and cucumber! Even a vitamin water is okay, just don’t chug down the sugar drinks, or you’ll end up more thirsty than when you started!
  • Get IN the water!Hit your local pool, splash pad, or watering hole. At the very least, set up the sprinkler and run through it! Stay cool! 
  • Protect your skin! I don’t really recommend commercial sunscreens or sunblocks as they can be filled with all kinds of crap that’s not good for you.. but whatever you dig make sure you slather it on like no tomorrow! The sun is no joke! If you get a burn, take care of it! Apple cider vinegar and aloe vera will be your friend! 
  • Know when it’s too much! Heat stroke is serious so make sure you take a break from the heat! Find some shade, get indoors where there’s a/c.. especially if you have kiddos! 
  • Eat! Make sure you’re eating lots of fresh (organic is possible) fruits and veg! The heat can make you feel like you don’t want to eat, but your body needs the fuel! 

I’m sure you don’t need a reminder that in just a few short months we will be back to bundling up so enjoy the summer while you can! 

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