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Get ready to take a walk on the sunny side! First, let’s chat about eggs. They are so easy right? Buy them by the dozen, last for a while in the fridge, and are totally versatile. Baked, broiled, poached, scrambled, boiled, sunny side up, over easy. While they are always good in the morning, I…


I need your help! I’m looking for opinions on The Honest Company products! Leave a comment telling me WHY! I can’t make up my mind about using them! Good or bad, I want to know about your experiences!  It’s greatly appreciated! 

POLLEN; Illuminating Mist

When I am thinking about trying a new product, the first thing I do is read the ingredients list. I know that seems weird to some people, but I truly believe in being aware and knowing exactly what you are.. or are no way in hell.. putting on your skin. When I read the ingredients…

20% OFF! 

Hi guys!! I am so excited to start at Soul Beauty Boutique offering esthetic services that if you book to see me, you will receive 20% off your services until the end of NOVEMBER! Whhaaatt?! I know, right! How amazing is that?! Call Soul Beauty at 204-489-7685 to book an appointment for all your beauty…


Well 29, you’ve been real. But 30 has a ring to it that just gives me the feels. ✌️


I wont lie. I have always been a foaming cleanser type of girl so when I switched to the H is for Love line, I was a little hesitant of the RAPHA Cleanser. I had heard of oil cleansers..and thought about them once in a while.. but with my tricky skin and frequent breakouts I…

W I L D ❁ D A I S I E S

The daisy. White and yellow. Two flowers in one. Simple. Underrated. Uncomplicated. Overlooked. Innocent. Sophisticated. Packing a serious punch. Yes, for real.. technically speaking you get a two for one deal with these little beauties. “Ray Florets”…the white petals are one.. and the tiny little yellow clustered disc florets as the second. They are the perfect […]

Hello, Summer!!

HOLY HUMIDITY!! .. Are you guys feeling it yet?! It is sooooo humid here this week, but I am NOT complaining! We waited long enough for this hot weather, and we don’t get it for very long, so I will take every drop of it we get! When it’s not so humid that you are…


You guys! I have to tell you about these sunglasses! Now, I am sure you have probably all heard of them by now because their latest collab is with Kylie Jenner, and anything that girl touches blows up big time, and they have been seen on the always gorgeous Gigi Hadid, but in case you…