Elk&Beef Chili

I mean, c’mon.. is there anything more comforting than a hot bowl of chili, with a dollop of sour cream, and some cheddar cheese on top?!.. Nope!.. Didn’t think so.

Eating Area Reveal!

I was so happy when it was all done I gave that table a hug! We had my parents over for brunch the next morning and they absolutely adored it.. almost as much as I do!

Light & Easy Roasted Pepper & Tomato Soup

I whipped up a batch of my snazzy little go to soup for when I need something relatively quick, healthy, and light last night! I am a huge fan of soup, especially home made soup because I like being able to know exactly what is going in and how much. This soup is super easy…

The LONG overdue…Teatox Review! – Flat Tummy Tea

This is SOOOO long overdue and so let’s get an apology out of the way for that before we even start! I am so sorry to keep you waiting so long! Now that we have that taken care of let’s deal with what you all came here for! In November I started a 4-week teatox…

Teatox anyone??

A teatox provides many benefits and leaves you with an increased metabolism, reduced bloating, an increase in energy and hydration. I love doing a teatox with each season change. I find it helps with my allergies, and also just leaves your body feeling so great and refreshed!


It. Has. Arrived! Yup! We are talking about my birthday week people! First off, lets just start off with how crazy it is that is already October.. and not only that, but that we have already reached the last week of my life before I go into my 27th year on this planet! Just a quick…

Is it Friday yet?

Ugh. I wish. I am ready for the weekend to get here. Like seriously. Now. Oh… It’s only Tuesday? Okay, well I will check back later incase that should change. Life has been like the roller coaster ride I thought would never end over the past two years but now that things seem to be…