AWARD WINNING – DAILY ENZYMATIC CLEANSER You guuuuys! You NEED this Cleanser in your life! Back in the day I was always a Foaming-Cleanser type of gal. Then, when I switched to natural skincare I was sold on Oil-Cleansing for quite some time and really grew to think I had found my Forever-Cleanser, but once…

Post Holiday Body Cleanout!

Let’s face it. You probably spent the last two months pigging out, stressing out, drinking your faces off, eating crap, and staying up late.. And yes, it was probably worth every second. I know, I know.. the holidays are like a free for all.. Not a care in the world… Eat! Eat! You hear time…


 Stay tuned for my top 5 MUST have KEVIN.MURPHY products! and why I love my hair stylist to bits & pieces! ✌️ ..until then    

DIY Light Ball!

Try a DIY project off Pinterest, they said. It will be fun, they said. Well.. they were right. This time! While not all of the projects I attempt turn out how they should, or even close to how they should, this one did! It is almost disgusting how accomplished I feel when I take on…

Eating Area Reveal!

I was so happy when it was all done I gave that table a hug! We had my parents over for brunch the next morning and they absolutely adored it.. almost as much as I do!

Tomorrow! – Dining Makeover Reveal!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! We finally have a place to sit and eat at again! Stay tuned tomorrow for more pictures, details, and a white wash how-to! Xo. b

Drink up!!

Man I love this stuff!! A delicious way to start my day!

Adventure Challenge Kickoff! | Wall Climbing

Have you ever been rock climbing, or to one of those places where you can go wall climbing?.. No?.. Well me either. Until I had. Last week. Let me explain… Probably like two years ago, my lovely friend Gina, (you met her in an earlier post, when she took THESE lovely shots of my kitties…

Happy Weekend!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Can’t wait to chat on Monday! We are spending our weekend ice fishing at the lake! Wish us luck! Xo. b

The kitty photos are in!

How will I ever explain how much fun we had doing this little photo shoot? Well, the truth is that I can’t.. but I will tell you that we had an absolute blast! One of my best friends, Gina, is a VERY talented little gem! And I think these pictures might be some of my most…