Post Holiday Body Cleanout!

Let’s face it. You probably spent the last two months pigging out, stressing out, drinking your faces off, eating crap, and staying up late.. And yes, it was probably worth every second. I know, I know.. the holidays are like a free for all.. Not a care in the world… Eat! Eat! You hear time…


   Okay, well we won’t actually give you a Penny.. But think of how much you’ll earn for your karma bank! And all you have to do is tell us: We genuinely appreciate your input! Much love!

Eating Area Reveal!

I was so happy when it was all done I gave that table a hug! We had my parents over for brunch the next morning and they absolutely adored it.. almost as much as I do!

Tomorrow! – Dining Makeover Reveal!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! We finally have a place to sit and eat at again! Stay tuned tomorrow for more pictures, details, and a white wash how-to! Xo. b

The kitty photos are in!

How will I ever explain how much fun we had doing this little photo shoot? Well, the truth is that I can’t.. but I will tell you that we had an absolute blast! One of my best friends, Gina, is a VERY talented little gem! And I think these pictures might be some of my most…

It’s Friday!

Hello all you lovely people! Is anyone else as happy as I am that Friday is finally here?! What does everyone have planned for the weekend? We will be staying in town for a few things that we have going on which is weird for me a little bit, because normally when the weekend hits…