POLLEN; Illuminating Mist

When I am thinking about trying a new product, the first thing I do is read the ingredients list. I know that seems weird to some people, but I truly believe in being aware and knowing exactly what you are.. or are no way in hell.. putting on your skin.


When I read the ingredients list on the H is for Love – POLLEN Illuminating Mist, I had really high expectations. Every single thing that goes into this bottle has numerous benefits to your skin. Every. Single. Thing you guys. Nothing is a filler. Not one thing. Knowing that, I was expecting my skin to love it. I was expecting my skin to drink that shit up like no tomorrow. I expected my face to be calm, balanced, glowing, hydrated, and dewy. Nothing less. I was probably most excited to try this mist. I waited very impatiently for it to arrive. And when it did. It blew every expectation that I had out of the water. I, one time, did not reorder before my bottle ran out, and let me tell you that I will never, ever, evvvvverrr make that mistake again.

POLLEN has found it’s forever home.

I use it after I use the RAPHA Cleanser. Just a light spray after I remove the cleanser with a warm cloth. It feels so refreshing. If you feel like you’re a little extra, you can also use it again after you use the Nourishing Face Oil, or to set your makeup. (Just make sure you use it before you put your mascara on!) I also will use a spray if I need a pick me up throughout my day!

Scott has used it when his beard gets itchy, or after he shaves. And the first time he was skeptical. I mean, I basically had to sneak attack him in between his itching. He is not a “skin care routine kinda guy”, even being with me and having tons of products around, you’d think the opposite..so  if he is sold, that is saying a lot!

In one bottle they have managed to jam pack all of these ingredients that your skin is just dying to drink up!

Rose Hydrosol: The base of this beautiful product. Rose Hydrosol has so many great benefits. Balances the pH level of your skin. Hydrates. It has anti-inflammatory AND anti-oxidant properties, which means it relieves + calms redness while the astringent like properties will help to clean + tighten your pores.

100% Fractionally Distilled Aloe Vera: I actually searched on their ingredients list on their website to see if they explained what 100% Fractionally Distilled meant because I did not really understand it myself, and they explain it perfectly as “fractionally distilled to isolate only the most beneficial strain of this organically grown aloe.” Aloe is great for your skin. Nourishing. Moisturizing. Soothing. Healing. Antibacterial. Antiseptic. Anti-inflammatory. The list goes on.. and on.. and on.. and on. I won’t include it all here just trust me, and thank me later.

Witch Hazel Extract: A natural astringent – thanks to the tannins – will help to remove excess oils from your skin.

Colloidal Silver; (do not use if you are allergic to silver): Super anti-bacterial. Super effective.

Vegetable Glycerine: Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Vegetable glycerine is derived from plant seed oils. When it becomes mixed, or used with natural oils, or other ingredients, it will seal the moisture on the top layer of your skin, letting the other ingredients work their magic underneath, deep down in your pores, undisturbed. That gorgeous, plump, hydrated, glowing, dewy look you have? ..Oh, you can blame that on this ingredient.

Essential Oils of; Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium: Essential oils contain all types of good vibes for your skin.”H IS FOR LOVE uses only the highest quality essential oils that are the product of steam distillation or CO2 extraction. We believe these oils to be safest for use on the skin.” – H is For Love Ingredients List

If you want your skin to love you forever and always, you can check out POLLEN on the H is for Love Website to order or to find a stockist close to you!

Also guys, with all of the shit that people try to sell you, that are being intertwined with our social media, and every single thing you click on bringing up more and more ads online these days to make money I feel like I need to tell you this: I am in no way being paid for writing about this product. I do not make any type of commission off of telling you about it, or trying to “sell” you on it. If you buy it, that’s great, but it does not benefit to me at all, except in my KARMA bank, which is a REAL THING PEOPLE! I really do enjoy this product so much, and wanted to share the love! It makes me so happy to share wonderful products that I find with you and this line just might be the best yet!

*No H is for Love product was harmed in the making of these photos*

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Sip your coffee, take a giant deep breath, and buckle up! A new week is upon us! Is it just me, or do the weekends go by way to quickly? I am imagining you nodding along with me, because you would have to be a crazy person to not wish the weekends were longer. Honestly, is it really asking too much to just have one more day tacked on there? Who do we need to talk to about that?! 😉 Just when I finally get relaxed, I realize it’s Sunday evening and the next morning the alarm is set.. boo!

I hope you all had a wonderful, productive weekend. Ours was busy busy, but great! Lots of family time which I always love.

This weekend, we gave my Brother-In-Law his Christmas gift, of a Rib Dinner! I know that sounds like a funny Christmas gift, but it’s what he asked for! I must say, it’s quite a compliment to my cooking that each year, instead of a random item, or gift card.. he puts my cooking on his list! The past couple of years he asked for Slow Cooker Meals, which is helpful to them throughout the year.. I did about 10-15 meals for them.. got them all prepped into freezer bags so that on their busy days, dinner didn’t have to be a thought.. they could just remove from the freezer, pop into a slow cooker and be done with it. This year he surprised me! His list read “come to my house and cook a rib dinner.” Done! Without tooting my own horn tooooo much, I can tell you that the dinner was great! I love a good BBQ dinner, so this was right up my alley. I will share my menu and recipes with you in a separate post, or this could go on all day! It was a close call when we arrived to their house and I slipped on the ice, carrying the box with dinner in it, and everything flew in the air.. a classic movie slip moment.. thankfully, I had saran-wrapped everything so tightly that it survived! Phewf! I was almost in tears, thinking of walking in the door, and telling him that his Christmas gift was currently all over their front yard!

On Sunday, we went to see The National Geographic Live: Spinosaurus. The show was pretty cool, a little less exciting than I was expecting, but very informative, and interesting to say the least! Dinosaurs are so cool. #NerdAlert

So what will this week bring for me? I have a few posts to share with you, along with a few recipes so I am looking forward to doing that, as well as possibly some veerrrry exciting news! (Just waiting to get the final word so trying to not get ahead of myself!) And, I will also fill you in on what was on the menu at our BBQ dinner so you can plan on of your own!

Your week is a blank canvas! Now top up your coffee, and let the adventures begin!

Photo Cred: Carli Jeen @ Unsplash.com





I created a new dry rub for our sirloin tip roast tonight and wooooo-ie! It has turned out to be quite a gem! I am now entering a food coma, but once I come back to reality I will let you all in on how to make it in your own kitchen! Happy Long Weekend & Happy Love Day everyone! ❤️❤️